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2022-08-13: Six tips for better spreadsheets

  • Keep raw data raw.
  • Make sure the data is in the right format (readable by machine).
  • Be consistent.
  • Document your work, write readme file in time.
  • Cross check your data.
  • Think ahead.

2022-08-05: Step by Step guide to reviewing a manuscript

2022-03-03: Ending the use of obsolete Data analysis Methods: e.g., EF and PCA

2022-03-03: PCA helps you interpret your data, but it will not always find the important patterns

2022-03-02: How to write a successful funding application?

  • Planning your project - why? what? who? where? when?
  • SWOT Analysis, PESTEL Analysis etc.
  • Stay focused, providing benefits and evidence.
  • Monitoring and evaluation.

2022-02-15: How to construct a Nature summary paragraph?

  • Using one or two sentences providing a basic background to the field, comprehensible to a scientist in any displine;
  • Two or three sentences of more detailed background, comprehensible to scientists in related displine;
  • Using one or two sentences claiming the general problem being addressed by your research;
  • Summarising the main results/conclusion of your research using one sentence;
  • Two or three sentences explaining the results, or how your study adds to the current knowledge;
  • One or two sentences to put results into a more general context;
  • Two to three sentences to offer a boarder perspective of your work.

2022-02-01: How to fix your scientific coding errors?

  • Bugs are inevitable, expecially in academia;
  • Using simple strategies to minimize extra work due to bugs;
  • A repro-pack archieve, good documentation, version control (e.g., git);
  • Be patient, step by step.

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2022-03-02: 国自然写作交流

2022-03-02: 国自然青年基金申请三大致命错误

2022-03-02: 技术路线图

2022-03-01: 2022年国自然申请注意三点内容

2022-02-25: 2022年国家自然基金标书撰写要点的全细节详述

2022-02-23: 2022年国自然九大学部最全申请注意事项整理

2022-02-02: 干好工作18法

2022-01-28: 施一公:如何成为一名优秀的博士生?