DY151 SEANA/M-Phase joint cruise

Royal Research Ship (RRS) Discovery 皇家科考船-探索号

RRS Discovery is a multidisciplinary ship, specifically designed for the challenges of 21st century oceanography.


RRS Discovery was designed by A.S. Skipsteknisk and was delivered to the National Oceanography Centre on the 8 July 2013. Fitted with the most up-to-date and high-tech instruments and equipment, it is ideal for oceanic exploration.

RRS发现号由A.S. Skipsteknisk设计,于2013年7月8日交付给英国国家海洋中心。它配备了最先进的高科技仪器和设备,是探索海洋环境的理想选择。

With the ability to travel to remote and extreme oceanic environments, RRS Discovery is highly sophisticated and has the ability to operate in high sea states (up to sea-state 6).
The ship comes with sub-bottom profiling and multi-beam equipment for mapping the seabed, while her dynamic positioning capability means that Remotely Operated Vehicles can be used.
Her wide range of cranes and over-side gantries, with associated winches and wires, will allow many different types of equipment to be deployed from the ship.
These facilities and the many more listed below help support the marine science community as it undertakes research of national and global importance.


Plate 1. An Overview of the RRS Discovery, including the ship at sea, scientists before boarding, the steering system and the engine room. Figure 1 Scientists before boarding the RRS Discovery Figure 2-3 RRS Discovery on Arctic sea, with melting seaice surrounding by Figure 5 RRS Discovery sterring on an open sea Figure 7 RRS sterring system Figure 8 RRS engine room

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Preparation 行前准备


Iceland 冰岛(雷克雅未克)5.13-5.16

Scientists finally got all prepared!

Plate 2. Road Trips in Iceland v1.

Plate 3. Road Trips in Iceland v2. Figure 1 Scientists arrived Rekjavik Airport Figure 2-3 Accomodation in Rekjavik Figure 6 Figure 8

Greenland South-east coast

From 16th May to 23th May, the RRS Discovery was on the South East coast of Greenland near melting seaice. We stayed in order to avoid the risk of the storm.

Nuuk - Greenland’s captial city

On 30th May, the RRS Discovery was close to Nuuk at 9:00 am, the city was covered in fog, with only a few edges of buildings appearing from time to time. Fog disappeared quickly after
half hour later and gave us a clear view of the city.


Even with adequate personal protection in place prior to departure, COV19 virus was still pervasive. On the Sunday of the first week on board, four crew members felt unwell and were verified
to have tested positive, requiring self-quarantee in their cabins until turned negative. Meanwhile, masking, social distancing and staggered meals continue to be implemented to protect the health of
the rest of people.